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Holiday Specials

Holiday specials 2013

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share”

 – By W. Clement Stone

As we come closer to finishing this most exciting and unbelievably amazing first year, we would like to extend our heart-filled gratitude to all Parents, Teachers, Schools, Friends and Families, without whom this journey would not have been possible.

We appreciate every suggestion and criticism that you brought into our store, which gave us an opportunity to improve and drive us to work towards perfection. We appreciate every time you understood what it is like as a small business owners and how shaky our hands and hearts have been.

As education driven mothers, it is like living a dream to see our passion take such beautiful form and become a resource center for other parents, and to be able to guide them with knowledge & resources that we have at our disposal.

To show our gratitude towards you, we are offering our Biggest Sale of the year on Black Friday, continuing to Small Business Saturday!


Black Friday Deals

Anniversary Celebrations!!!!

Wreath By Geetika Dagar

This year has been big for us and we would like to celebrate it in a Grand style as well! We are happy to announce various workshops that you will be able to attend in our store during the month of December 2013. Sign-up sheets will be available in our store starting Monday Nov 25th. Hurry-up, as seats are limited!

– 5th Dec 2013, Thu 10 to 11 AM: Story-time by Ladders Teaching Store for little ones up to 3 years old. Free (Limit 8 kids max.)

– 7th Dec 2013, Sat 10 to 11 AM: “Importance of Independence In early Childhood” By Marie Molin & Manisha Huria (WCPSS Elementary School Teachers). This event is for parents ONLY (no childcare will be provided at the store).  $10 per adult (Limit 10 adults max).

– 12th Dec 2013, Thu 10 to 11 AM: Christmas Craft – Origami Ornaments by Ladders Teaching Store for 8-12 years old. Free (Limit 8 kids max.)

– 14th Dec 2013, Sat 10 to 11 AM: “First step towards college – Never too early” By Kathy Hamilton Gore, Senior Lecturer, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, College of Natural Resources, NC State University, Raleigh, NC. $15 per Adult (Limit 12 Adults)

– 19th Dec 2013, Thu 10 to 11 AM: Learn to make and take home an amazing Lego Alligator – By Snapology of Raleigh. 5-7 years old. $10 per kid (Limit 10 kids max.)

– 21st Dec 2013, Sat 10 to 11 AM: Learn to make beautiful wreath to bring in the festivities by Ladders Teaching Store for 8-12 years old. $15 per kid (Limit 6 Kids max.)